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Based on 11 reviews
Loving the softness

Sheets feel really soft! have been experiencing great sleep so far with hyggeb!

Best sheets I've ever slept on!

The sheets are so smooth they feel like silk but apparently they're not! They're also super soft! love it

Never seen my husband so excited about bedsheets before!!

I've been searching high and low for sheets that are affordable and yet, comfortable to snuggle in without causing irritation to my sensitive skin. And in the past, the only sheets that are suitable for my skin always cost me a bomb. Thanks to my dear friends who knew about my issues with bedsheets, I was offered a full bundle of bamboo lyocell sheets from HyggeB to test. And I have to say, I TRULY LOVE IT. And most surprisingly, even my husband acknowledged that the sheets are fantastic!

My cushion 'plushies' are now so good to hug! but I wished there could be more designs/colors.

Totally loving the softness and silkiness of my bamboo lyocell cushion cover! Though I'd prefer if i can purchase covers with some simple designs on it in the future! I'll be waiting for your future collections!

Much softer than the linen sheets that I'm using now!

I've been using linen sheets for my whole life. And this is the first time someone offer me a bamboo lyocell duvet cover to go with my linen sheets. And woah, it really surprised me that the sheets can be so soft! I'm used to sleeping on tough sheets since young hence this sheets is maybe a lil too soft for me. But my wife loves them. Ha guess I got to start getting used to such luxury!

Good things must share!

This bedsheet given to us a month ago has converted my wife and I to big fans of bamboo lyocell sheets. The quality of the bedsheet is incredible! We love that it is so soft and smooth as compared to the other bedsheets that we bought at higher prices. It is also very amazing that we can feel cool all night! Ever since we changed to this bedsheet, we have had very good nights' sleep every day. Beautifully packaged as well! Definitely recommend this product to all! 👍

Most amazing sheets I've gotten myself! (really proud)

Almost thought all bedsheets in the market are crap until I was given a set of HyggeB sheets to test. They're truly amazing! Totally regain my trust in the bedding industry.

Never thought Bamboo Lyocell can be so SOFT!

Tried before random bamboo sheets in the past but they felt so different from the bamboo lyocell I got from HyggeB! Definitely much silkier and softer. Feels clean and fresh too.

It felt so good I don't wanna get out of my bed!

The sheets were incredibly soft and smooth. My youngest son couldn't stop sliding from one end of the bed to the other. Thank you HyggeB for inviting me to be your tester! Appreciate it!


They're amazing!!! No words can describe how grateful i am ever since I get HyggeB sheets!

Best Bedsheets I've EVER Used!

This puts my 1000 thread count cotton sheet to shame, loving our SLEEP!

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