Do you know that bedsheets play a crucial role in your Skincare Routine?

Do you know that bedsheets play a crucial role in your Skincare Routine? - HyggeB

We all are well versed with our own versions of the day time skincare routine, but how many of us consider what our skin goes through when we are asleep? Have you ever imagined what all can go wrong if you do not remove make-up before going to bed? Or, what if you do not sleep enough? Or, why you feel itchy when you wake up?

A lot goes in the body during the night, especially with the skincare. The body uses night time to work on renewal and repair process of the skin. During the day, your skin faces a lot of challenges like exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, pollution, dirt and radiations. While the body takes every possible step to minimize the damage done to the skin during the day, the natural healing alone is sometimes insufficient. This is where the importance of adopting a strict and regular nighttime skincare routine comes into the picture.

Why Do You Need a Night Time Routine?

Cell regeneration

Skin cells are regenerated at a very quick rate when the body is asleep. This means that a lot of break down and formation goes on at a cellular level. When this happens, the body requires a certain amount of energy and nutrients to perform optimally. A night care routine can act as a supplement for these nutrients and ensure that the body has enough resources.

The skin has to rest

Your skin performs and responds to every single element in the environment throughout the day. The night is a time when it has to rest. Now, if you do not clean the residual of the day time (think in terms of dirt and pollution), what do you think will happen to the skin? The skin will not be able to get all the rest and keep on fighting the infections and germs during the time when it should be resting.

Skin loses moisture

Our skin produces a substance called sebum which acts as a lubricant. The amount of sebum produced at night is considerably very less than that produced during the day. Therefore, you need a routine that ensures enough moisture in the skin when you are asleep.

The temperature of the skin rises

When you are asleep, the temperature of the skin rises resulting in a more acidic skin. An acidic skin has low moisture content and hence the need to have supplements that can pack in a lot of moisture in the skin is imperative.

Step-By-Step Night Care Routine

Now that we know the importance of following a night care routine, it is time to create one for ourselves.

Start with makeup

Makeup products have a lot of artificial chemicals and substances that damage the quality of the skin. Therefore, it is important that you get rid of all the beauty products on your face and elsewhere before you go to sleep. If these products are not removed, they can cause irritation, acne and early-ageing of the skin.

Next, moisturizer

Thanks to the inability of our body to generate a high amount of sebum at night, we need an external solution that can keep the skin hydrated overnight. Applying moisturizer can solve the purpose. Choose a high-quality moisturizer that stays on for a long period of time.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water is another way of hydrating the skin. Since you will not be getting up (normally) for the next 6 to 8 hours, it is a good idea to drink at least one bottle of water before you sleep.

Use clean bedsheets and pillow covers

Bedsheets and pillow covers stay in contact with your skin for the whole night. This is why it is important that you always use high quality and clean sheets and covers. Dirty sheets carry dirt and germs that can harm your skin in more than one way. Dirt from the bed sheets or pillow covers, along with sweat and nutrients of your skin make up for a perfect breeding ground for germs that can result in conditions like acne and severe fungal infections.

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The Bottom Line

Your skin needs time and energy to repair itself to face the next day, and sometimes it needs your help and care. Support your skin and look younger for a long period of time by investing a few minutes in cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Use anti-bacterial bedsheets and pillow covers and invest in high-quality products for the best results.