Frequently Asked Questions

OriBamboo™ is HyggeB's signature fabric that is made exclusively from 100% Eco-Bamboo Material, with specifications that is unique to us. We believe it is a step up from our previous Bamboo Lyocell & Tencel material.

At HyggeB, we take pride in offering a one-of-a-kind bedding experience that sets us apart from other bamboo sheet brands.

Our sheets are made exclusively from 100% Eco-Bamboo Material, ensuring exceptional softness and durability. We meticulously oversee every aspect of production, from thread count and weave type to ply count, yarn count, dyeing process, and workmanship details.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every sheet we offer, making OriBamboo™ the premier choice for discerning customers seeking the ultimate in luxury bedding.

HyggeB sheets have an optimal thread count of 300 to 400 that is equivalent to '1000 thread count' cotton sheets in the market. 

Did you know: High thread count fabric doesn't necessarily mean it will be as comfortable and lush? Read this article to learn the truth behind thread counts before you fall for the high thread count hype!

You can find out more about our signature fabric here.

Fabric pilling can be influenced by the type of fabric, even with high-quality materials like Bamboo, TENCEL™ or Silk, due to their smooth texture and lower fiber friction. Low-quality fabrics can also be prone to pilling.

Heat and Abrasion: Pilling is primarily caused by excessive heat, friction, and harsh washing chemicals. When the sheets are exposed to these factors, the fabric's fibers can break and form pills. Use mild detergent and wash your sheets with water below 30 Degrees Celsius. Opt for low spin and shorter duration wash cycle (30 min) to reduce the amount of exposure to abrasion.

Short Hair or Facial Hair: People with short hair or facial hair may experience pilling on their pillowcases. The stubble from hair can create friction and cause the fibers to pull and form pills.

Lack of Cushioning: Not using a mattress and pillow protector can result in increased friction between the sheets and the mattress or pillows. The absence of cushioning can lead to pilling.

Sharing Pillowcases: Avoid sharing pillowcases, especially with individuals who have short hair or facial hair. As mentioned earlier on, the stubble from hair can create friction and cause the fibers to pull and form pills.

Lack of Adverse Anti-Pilling Agents: In the absence of these agents, the fabric becomes more vulnerable to pilling. At HyggeB, we prioritize the minimal use of harmful chemicals as part of our commitment to safeguarding our customers. We take great pride in our dedication to providing protection, especially for those with skin conditions.

Other Contributing Factors: Specific areas of bedsheets may develop pilling due to factors such as rough heels, coarse sleeping garments, shaven body hair, and sharp nails, which can all contribute to increased friction and wear on the fabric.

In summary, the absence of anti-pilling chemicals, along with heat, friction, and various personal habits, can contribute to the development of pilling on bedsheets. Proper care and precautions, as recommended, can help minimize the occurrence of pilling.

You may find the dimensions from our size guide over here.

Our 30-Night Snuggly Trial applies only to new customers' first order at HyggeB on full-priced and specific items onlyThis includes everything under Bundle & Save and Duvet Inserts. (Note that a Return Fee applies. GroupBuy sales are not eligible for the 30-Night Snuggly Trial. Read on to find out more.)

We accept your return and give you a full refund if you do not like our product. Items have to be returned in their original packing. However, you'll be charged a Flat Return Fee of 40 SGD for shipments outside Singapore and 30 SGD for shipments in Singapore to cover our delivery and handling cost). We seek your kind understanding as used returned products will not be returned to the inventory for sale due to the nature of our products and hygiene purposes. Refund does not include any paid shipping fee and return postage fee.

Simply drop us an email at with your order number and email address associated to the order and we'll guide you through the return procedure.